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Improving Energy Usage for a greater Good!

Energy Management Group strives to help our customers achieve their operational goals while being efficient along the way.

Our customer’s success is our success and motivate us to keep up with new technological advances to bring the best solutions into our customers’ hands. 

As the world keeps changing and evolving, companies must adapt in order for them to succeed. A sustainable business can maintain and evolve with these changes.

Our mission is to make your operation a sustainable one!


Be the best resource in Energy Management and Profit Maximization for companies at international level.

Our satisfaction is be able to contribute to development and optimization of companies to ensure their growth and continuos improvement.

Leader in the development of sustainable operational plans for the well being of the Economy, the Environment and Future Generations.


Maximize profits and improve competitiveness of companies by reducing energy costs by means of effective and efficient use.

Promote and drive economic development by means of solutions and services that promote sustainable companies.

Company Bio

Energy Management Group, LLC is a Hispanic Minority own company located in San Juan Metro Area in Puerto Rico with energy, engineering and maintenance background.  Due to current local and international economic and environmental conditions, the company founder wanted to provide a service that could really make a difference for companies, commerce and government to overcome economic woes. The company has set its sight in Puerto Rico, North America, South America and the Caribbean offering its service to the Residential, Commercial and Federal sector to achieve its mission.  The company delivers a full set of services to help achieve goals with sustainable growth.


Energy Audits

Comprehensive Energy and Water Evaluations to
improve their utilization and identify wastes.

EMG combines the expertise of their Certified Energy Managers with Maintenance and Operational experiences in diverse industries (Manufacturing, Federal Government, Commercial, Utilities) to develop short and long term Sustainable Solutions.


  • Low Cost Initiatives development and implementation.
  • Project Development with Performance and Economic Analysis (LCCA).
  • Short & Long Term Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) development and support.
  • Measurement & Verification services (M&V).
  • Continuous Energy Auditing services.

Remote Monitoring 24/7 Facility’s Energy and Water monitoring:

  • Facilty’s energy and water usage projections.
  • Energy costs anticipation.
  • Energy and water invoices validation.
  • Continuous auditing and performance.
  • O&M support and cost avoidance.
  • Specific equipment performance evaluations.
  • Condition based Maintenance support.

Energy Management 

Ongoing support services that deliver self-sustain solutions and added value to customers on their Operations.


  • Program development & support to reduce energy and water costs.
  • Expertise services on energy improvement identification, development and implementation.
  • Management support on Energy & Water cost control and improvement.
  • Retro-Commissioning services on Facilities and equipment performance improvement.
  • Facilities Maintenance Services: Corrective, Preventive, Predictive.
  • Energy Simulations and Analysis.
  • Benchmarking analysis.
  • Facility’s Operational cost optimization.
  • Energy Awareness services.

Renewable Energy

We don’t just promote clean energy; we leverage support services that enhance performance and ensures long term quality.


  • Planning, design, installation and certification for Residential & Commercial Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Recommissioning & Commissioning Services for Performance Quality Assurance.
  • Operations & Maintenance support services for Asset Improvement and prolonged performance.
  • Measurement & Verification services.

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